iPhone 5 Rumours: NFC, Aluminium Design and a Larger Screen?

Snap Gadget TV is back with a brand new episode all about the upcoming iPhone 5! Apologies again for the severe lack of videos recently, I just don’t have the time sadly to upload as often as I would like but more will be coming I promise!

I also want to ask (whoever is reading this) is there anything you’d like me to cover in my videos (tech related mind). It could be anything from how-tos to app reviews to unboxings! Please drop me a line and let me know, thank you!


Switch Easy Nude for iPhone Review

The Switch Easy Nude iPhone case offers ultra thin protection with a “state of the art” 0.8mm casing and a “revolutionary” duo UV scratch resistant gloss coating. It’s made from super strong polycarbonate material with easy touch button access, but is it as “revolutionary” as they claim? Will it live up to the hype? In a word, yes… mostly.

This case is thin, it’s the thinnest I think I’ve ever seen and it feels so good to use. Switch Easy really lives up to the tagline of, “It’s as naked as it can be” as you can barely tell the case is on (just from the feel). The back of the case feels exactly the same as the iPhone’s back, it’s really smooth and just feels good in your hand.

In terms of ports, Switch Easy got it right with their “easy touch button access” as all the buttons and connections are within comfortable reach. The headphone jack is a good size, with my AUX cables fitting in fine no problem as well as my iPhone headphones. The sleep/wake button isn’t covered but that’s not an issue and it’s easy to press. The silent button and the volume rocker aren’t covered either but again, this is no problem because I’m not particularly fussed as to whether they’re protected as long as I can use them! The USB connector and the speaker and microphone are not covered at all but this gives way to more usability with certain docks. I can use my phone with the case on in quite a few speaker docks but alas, I still can’t quite fit it in Apple’s official dock, but hey ho, I can live with that!

Now, in terms of the “revolutionary” duo UV scratch resistant gloss coating… this is a little shady. Fact number one, this case is NOT scratch resistant BUT it does a jolly good job at keeping the big scratches at bay AND the scratches it does get are actually really hard to see unless you’re scrutinising them under a certain light (as I often do). I’ll give Switch Easy their due, this case is really good at keeping the big scratches away, compared to my previous case, the Speck Candy Shell which was completely covered in scratches after only 2 days. The Nude still looks great after 2 weeks of vigorous testing (putting my phone in my bag with my keys, placing it on various surfaces, etc) and I can’t recommend it enough. It doesn’t take away from the iPhone’s slick design with brash logos everywhere. The Nude has a subtle Switch Easy logo on the side of the case which is the same colour as the case in slightly raised font so you can barely see it.

If you want a case which will protect your iPhone from the everyday scratches in life and still look good and incredibly slim, the Nude is the case for you. In my opinion, it’s the best case out there so far!

Check out my video review!

Buy the Nude case from Switch Easy

Apple posts Guided Tours of the upcoming iPad

The iPad launch date is now only a few days away (for Americans anyway) and Apple is going into full swing with it’s marketing push to keep us Apple fan boys tided over until the big day. Firstly they released the TV advert to get our gadget juices flowing, then came the ample amount of guided tours to tell us everything we will ever need to know about the iPad.

The guided tours feature a narrator enthusiastically explaining how each application works, while an anonymous pair of hands (and legs) demonstrate how to use each feature. Various gesture controls are also shown, particularly the ‘tap and hold’ which brings up a separate menu to allow you to perform different actions on the item you are tapping on. I believe this will be a big feature on the upcoming iPad and hopefully on any new iPhone OS updates too. The narrator is very keen to tell us how easy, innovative and simple everything is to use (no surprises there) which, combined with Apple’s clean and simple advert design makes it a very effective marketing tool in making you want something you don’t really need.

I’m looking forward to the updated You Tube app, as the current iPhone version is not up to scratch and could do with a thorough update (has it ever had one?) It looks a lot more visually appealing and brings many needed features to the device which its little brother is lacking. Yes, the iPad does have a lot more screen space so there’s more room for slick design updates but basic improvements to the iPhone would be nice.

If you’re still unsure as to what all the fuss is about, check out all of the Guided Tours to give you a real flavour of what the iPad can do. It’s much more appealing and informative than a bunch of Apple execs sitting in front of a white background poetically declaring they’ve just made the greatest product in the entire world (ok, ok I do enjoy those videos, but they do blow their own trumpets a bit.)

Enjoy the tours, I know I will!

First exclusive look at Ambrosia’s Mondo Solitaire and Aki Mahjong for iPad.

CEO of Ambrosia Software Andrew Welch, has released an exclusive look at two of their apps for the upcoming iPad, namely Mondo Solitaire and Aki Mahjong. Both games have been developed to take advantage of the iPad’s large screen space, giving both games a thoroughly enjoyable gaming experience.

The iPad will end the trouble I have with my current iPhone. I play a lot of games on my phone, Solitaire being one of many, and I find with this game it’s so fiddly to try and pick the exact card you want. Because the screen is so tiny, you find yourself struggling to actually pinpoint what card you want without shoving your phone right up to your face. The large screen estate of the iPad will be so great for these sorts of games and everything will be much larger so card games will be a breeze.

From the looks of these two, good things are coming our way and I can’t wait to see more.

You Tube Channel

Hey guys! I thought I’d just let you all know I have a You Tube channel! Check it out and I’ll be adding lots more videos from my travels really soon! I’ve also upgraded to the new beta You Tube channels. Not much seems to have changed apart from customising your channel is a lot more easier as you can see live updates of your changes and the layout is slightly different. Hope you like it!