“Chrome to Phone” pushes websites, directions and numbers in a flash

Android (2.2 “Froyo”) users can now push websites, directions and phone numbers straight to their handset thanks to Google’s new “Chrome to Phone” feature. You’ll need a Google account and two installations; one in your browser (Chrome or Firefox) and one on your handset, then you’re ready to push away to your hearts content.

For websites just hit the new mobile icon in your Chrome browser and it will automatically be pushed straight to your phone. If you’re viewing driving directions in Google Maps, the process is exactly the same. Hit the mobile icon and voila! The driving directions are instantly on your phone. Amazing huh? Phone numbers are pushed by highlighting the number required and again, hitting the mobile icon and the number is sent directly to your phone, ready to dial.

Phone to Chrome is a feature highly requested, but isn’t available for Android just yet. The company are also hoping to bring “Chrome to Phone” to the iPhone as well.

Image via CNET

Source: Lifehacker, Mashable and CNET