Little Big Planet for PS3

LittleBigPlanet is a game exploding with cuteness, excitement, creativity, oh and did I mention cuteness? This game is adorable, so much so that every time I play it I am filled with an overwhelming sense of love for that small, hessian sack creature appropriately named ‘Sackboy’. For all the tough guys out there, don’t let that put you off trying and buying this game which, may I add, has won a host of awards including GameZone’s ‘Overall Game of the Year- 2008,’ IGN’s ‘Best Platform Game of 2008 (for PS3),’ and lets not forget GameSpot’s ‘Best Platform Game E3 2008’ just to name a few. To check out the full list of awards, hit up the official LittleBigPlanet website for more details. This is a game for all ages and genders, it’s an addictive platform game which will have you hooked from the moment you insert the disc.

Firstly, let’s have some introductions shall we? Meet Sackboy, the hessian sack filled with love, fluff and ice cream… Don’t ask, that’s his official description!

Oh isn’t he cute? Don’t you just want to eat him up with a spoon?! Ok, enough Jenny enough. Sackboy is our fearless protagonist who you will share all your adventures on LittleBigPlanet with. His appearance can change thanks to the LittleBigBoutique which your Sackboy can access at anytime during game play offering a host of sexy and stylish outfits to kit your Sack person out with. As you progress through the game, you will be able to collect a variety of clothes to turn your Sackboy (or girl) into a fashion icon. Items of clothing can also be downloaded from the Playstation Store, be earned as rewards or even won in competitions. There is also a Downloadable Content section on LittleBigPlanet’s official website where you can find content available to buy or download for free!

Upon first playing LittleBigPlanet, you are introduced to Sackboy and how to move him around by a very well chosen narrator in the form of Stephen Fry. Through a series of videos and demonstrations, Stephen teaches us how to jump, change our emotions and run in only a way that Stephen can. In my opinion, they couldn’t have chosen a better narrator as his voice just suits the game so well and adds to the ‘cuteness’ of the whole experience. It’s a shame he was only a runner up  for the award of ‘Best Performance by a Human Male: Stephen Fry as LBP Narrator’ at the Spike TV Video Game Awards in December 2008, as I think the developers hit the nail right on the head when casting Stephen Fry as the narrator.

Once you are comfortable with how to move your Sack person around, you next steps are learning about your POD and the Popit, but more about that later. Your POD is “A cross between your bedroom and your first shed.” Well that’s the official description for it anyway! Your POD is like your mothership, it’s where everything happens and where you first begin every time you play the game. You can access the Story Levels, the Community Levels, your own created levels and see who’s online all from the POD. And just like with Sackboy, your POD is your creation, it’s your blank canvas just waiting to be covered with beautiful stickers. I mentioned earlier with Sackboy that as you progress through the game, you will collect various items of clothing which will then be added to your LittleBigBoutique, well it’s the same for stickers. As you progress through the levels you will find stickers hidden everywhere. If you collect all the stickers in a certain level, you will then obtain a result of 100%.

The Popit is an incredibly useful tool for your Sack person, as it can be used to do just about anything when playing or creating in LittleBigPlanet. It is also the place to come to find all your collected stickers and outfits from previously played levels. When playing, the Popit can be used to heart a level, adorn your current surrounding with stickers and objects, or to smarten your Sackboy up with a new outfit. You can even use it to communicate with your fellow Sackboys in the level, or to get yourself out of a sticky situation by popping yourself! To access the Popit, simply press the square button on your controller to reveal your haven of goodies!

When playing, you have two options; Story Levels and Community Levels. The Story Levels are created by all those clever brains over at Media Molecule, whereas the Community Levels are created by fellow sack folk just like yourself. In the Story Levels your mission is to find out what the devil is going on with the planet’s Creator Curators and their creations, which have gone missing! A Curator only know as ‘The Collector’ is behind it all, and it is your sack destiny to find out what’s going on and to find everything that’s missing!

Your journey begins in ‘The Gardens’, which is a bit like an English Country Garden as you can see in the picture above, where you’ll be taught your first steps in LittleBigPlanet by The King and his wife The Queen, who are the Creator Curators of this green, luscious land. You’ll also learn how to collect prizes, place stickers, interact with different objects and how to avoid sticky situations, whilst all the while enjoying the sheer cuteness that is Sackboy. As you progress through LittleBigPlanet you will meet all sorts of Creator Curators in many different levels who will help you along your journey, until you meet ‘The Collector’ who will do his very best to defeat you!

The great thing about LittleBigPlanet is it’s replay value. Even when you have finished the game, you can still go back and complete it to 100% (which is very hard I tell you!) To complete the game fully you need to do the following on every level; have finished the level, collected all the prizes in a level, and ‘aced’ the level (which means to complete it without dying!) I have been playing this game for months now and I still haven’t completed everything fully but that’s what I love about this game!

Another great aspect of the replay value is the Community Levels. There are over a million community levels published, with new levels being added every 30 seconds or so, which is more than you, me and the whole of your town could ever play! And with it being so easy to browse the Community Levels thanks to the game’s tags and ratings system, it’s easier than ever to find what you fancy! Plus, if you’re feeling a rush of creativity coming on, you can release your inner Van Gogh to the sack world by creating your very own level! LittleBigPlanet does a great job of getting you started and guiding you through the necessary controls needed to create your masterpiece, which involves our favourite tool the Popit! Your level is stored on ‘My Moon,’ which is your very own little moon to store all your unpublished levels. You can also edit from here, and publish your level to the world!

Overall, LittleBigPlanet is a fun, exciting and adorable game for players of all ages, and I challenge any one of you not to fall in love with Sackboy after playing this game!

I cannot recommend this game enough, and with LittleBigPlanet 2 just around the corner, it’s certainly a very exciting time for Sackboys everywhere.

Images via LittleBigPlanet


“The Twit Network”

It was only a matter of time until somebody made a movie about Twitter. If Facebook and YouTube can do it, then why not everybody’s favourite 140 character micro blogging service? This is, of course, a parody made by Next New Network’s Barely Digital group which takes the mickey out of the official trailer for “The Social Network,” which is an actual film about Facebook that will be shown in cinemas all around the world. I’m not even kidding.

So sit back and enjoy folks, and listen out for the music, it’s funny :)

Image via TechCrunch

Source: TechCrunch

“Chrome to Phone” pushes websites, directions and numbers in a flash

Android (2.2 “Froyo”) users can now push websites, directions and phone numbers straight to their handset thanks to Google’s new “Chrome to Phone” feature. You’ll need a Google account and two installations; one in your browser (Chrome or Firefox) and one on your handset, then you’re ready to push away to your hearts content.

For websites just hit the new mobile icon in your Chrome browser and it will automatically be pushed straight to your phone. If you’re viewing driving directions in Google Maps, the process is exactly the same. Hit the mobile icon and voila! The driving directions are instantly on your phone. Amazing huh? Phone numbers are pushed by highlighting the number required and again, hitting the mobile icon and the number is sent directly to your phone, ready to dial.

Phone to Chrome is a feature highly requested, but isn’t available for Android just yet. The company are also hoping to bring “Chrome to Phone” to the iPhone as well.

Image via CNET

Source: Lifehacker, Mashable and CNET

My trip to the Apple Store opening in Covent Garden with Scott Forstall!

People were queuing up for days in advance, free t-shirts were being made by the bucket load and I was getting up at 6am on a Saturday. Yep, this could only mean one thing, an Apple Store opening.

On Saturday 7th August 2010, Apple opened it’s largest retail store on Earth right here in London’s Covent Garden to a queue of thousands. I, of course, was there with my camera, Flip Mino HD and trusty fellow geeks to experience the Apple mania that had hit the city.

To begin with there was two lines, one for those wishing to purchase an iPhone, and another for those who simply wanted to take a look around. The queue was kept nicely motivated by camera crews interviewing the crowds, and Apple employees handing out free water to keep the masses nicely hydrated. We weren’t waiting long however as 10am soon crept up and loud cheering could be heard from the front of the queue. “Oh my god, it must be Steve Jobs” I hoped desperately as I flung my camera into the air to try and get a better shot. Soon enough though the queue was moving fast and before I knew it we were at the front of the store being high fived liberally as we walked in. I honestly felt like a celebrity walking down a red carpet! It was frigging awesome! This is obviously how they want you to feel though, as that way you’re more likely to spend some money!

In true Apple style, the store itself had been finished to a very high standard. There was a feel of old mixed with new as I walked about the place, with original stone and brick walls placed next to new glass staircases and elevators, giving everything a modern industrial feel.

The store, which employs a staff of 300, was packed to the brim with customers and celebrities alike. The man himself, Scott Forstall (Senior Vice President of iPhone Software at Apple) was even there to help the festivities along and create a little fanboy mania amongst myself and my friends! We got so caught up with the fact that “OMG Scott is standing RIGHT behind us,” that we didn’t even notice Matt Lucas standing even closer to us! We really are nerds.

Later on my friend plucked up the courage to ask Scott for a photograph to which he replied “yeah, very quickly,” which only made me more nervous hence the shaky picture below. I know he was probably very busy that day so we didn’t want to keep him long!

You can buy everything under the Apple sun in this store with products displayed over three different floors. Each product even has it’s own separate space with rooms specifically for Macs, iPods, iPads and iPhones.

The casing company Incase designed an exclusive iPhone case and a laptop case just for the opening of the Covent Garden store with an arches pattern that resembles the familiar arched buildings seen around Covent Garden. This theme was also carried over to the free t-shirts that Apple gave out to the first 4000 customers through the door.

Me and my boyfriend David looking undoubtedly cool in our matching Apple tees.

Given that we had all been up since about 6am, by the time 11.30am came about we were all noticeably flagging and starving, so we decided to leave the great temple of Apple worship and return back to reality. Overall, it was a really great day and I had a lot of fun. I only wish that I could work for Apple now! I do have a lot of video footage from the day which I will be uploading to Snap Gadget TV very soon! Here’s a few last photos from the opening, enjoy! :)

Photos by David Hodson

Apple To Hold iPhone 4 Press Conference Tomorrow

Apple is to hold a special iPhone 4 press conference this Friday 16th July at 10AM PT (6PM GMT). The company is inviting select media representatives such as Engadget to the event, but no other details have been released as to what the conference will be about, only that it will focus on iPhone 4. Unless you’ve been down a hole in the ground lately, you will know about the huge problems Apple have been having with their latest iPhone release, namely the antenna issue. This is where if you hold the phone in a certain way (known as ‘the death grip’) it cuts out all of your signal, resulting in dropped calls and loss of data. Apple’s response was simple, don’t hold it that way, which clearly hasn’t worked and so Apple has now been forced to deal with the issue properly. The rumours doing the rounds are that Apple could recall every single iPhone which would cost the company billions of dollars, they could release a software update to fix the issue, or they could give every iPhone 4 owner a free Bumper case which apparently solves the problem.

Well whatever they do, let’s hope we finally get to the bottom of this! Stay tuned for more details coming your way, and don’t forget to hold your iPhone correctly :)

Source: Engadget and TUAW

Nintendo’s 3DS Handheld Console Rises From The Smoke!

After a very grand entrance which involved a cloud of smoke (yes really), Soturu Iwata took to the stage to reveal the brand new Nintendo 3DS! In a fetching shade of blue, the 3DS looks very similar to the original DS with a few upgrades. The new handheld console has two screens, a 3.5 inch widescreen on top and a standard touch screen on the bottom. Only the bottom screen is a touch screen just like the original DS. The device also includes a 3D Depth Slider to maximize or eliminate the 3D depth effect.

More news to follow…

Source: Engadget and Gizmodo

Live From Nintendo’s E3 2010 Presentation!

If Zelda is your thing, you best head on over to YouTube now to check out Nintendo’s keynote live from LA! Lets hope they give us more information about the upcoming 3DS handheld console!

Don’t forget to check out Engadget’s Live Blog for up to the minute news straight from LA.

Source: Engadget

iPhone 4 To Be Released On O2, Vodafone, Orange, T-Mobile And Now Three!

Unlike the Americans who only have one carrier choice when buying the new iPhone 4, us lucky Brits now have five, yes five Networks to choose from when we all rush out and buy the sacred phone on June 24.
Three has just revealed that they too will be carrying the iPhone 4 when it is released on June 24. Three is also the first UK carrier to announce their pre-order date, which is June 15, the same time as our American friends across the pond.
Three now joins O2, Vodafone, Orange and T-Mobile as the UK networks who are all carrying the iPhone 4.
Which network will you choose?

Source: Engadget

E3 2010 – Hopes, Dreams and Predictions

Written by David Burroughs

Following on from last year’s celebrity-stuffed extravaganza, which saw E3 rise from the ashes of its dwindling popularity, 2010 is all set to continue with the same vitality. The last few months have seen a torturously slow drip of information about what will be shown at E3 come mid-June, while some announcements from last year have barely seen the light of day since the last expo. Motion controls and 3D are all set to take centre stage this time round together with a better look at many of the titles teased over the last year. Here’s what we can expect, and deep down hope, to see next month!

Nintendo (Wii and DS)

Shown at last year’s E3, and instantly met with as many Freudian jokes as the name “Wii”, the Wii Vitality Sensor is set to make a return, hand-in-hand we hope with an explanation of what it shall actually do. While rumours have floated about since last year regarding possible applications, be they within the genre of horror titles, or adding further pseudo-scientific foundations to the Wii Fit franchise, the only major reveal to have come since 2009 is Nintendo’s partnership with the American Heart Foundation. What will come of this “healthy living partnership” remains to be seen, but undoubtedly we will not have to wait long to find out.

The biggest reveal that is expected at E3 2010 from Nintendo is that of their new handheld device, a 3D DS (currently known as the 3DS, although we are told that the name is likely to change). Utilising a camera mounted facing the player, the new handheld is expected to create the illusion of 3D by means of tracking the players face and adjusting the perspective accordingly. Since the sudden boom in 3D films, the Japanese market has been putting pressure on Nintendo to venture into the third dimension, and hopefully the 3DS won’t disappoint. Nintendo has had a license to print money since the DS and Wii hit the markets, and there is little sign of this changing.

Other expected/hoped announcements:

• The new Zelda game – while Twilight Princess was a big success for the Wii at launch, it was undeniably a title intended initially for the GameCube but which ended up on the Wii. With any luck this new Zelda title will utilise the Wii hardware in a much more sophisticated fashion.
• Metroid: Other M
• We also wouldn’t mind seeing a Wii HD, or perhaps some sort of overhaul of the Wii hardware  – both Microsoft and Sony have had several SKUs enter the market since the original release, and perhaps it’s time Nintendo followed suit.
• A new instalment in the Star Fox series, we hope.
• Wii Party.
• New Wii Sports title of some description.
• Something new from the people at Retro Studios – it has been several years now since Metroid Prime 3: Corruption came out, and the world is excited to see how they are going to follow one of the most recognisable franchises in the last two generations of console gaming.
• A cornucopia of new DS titles.

Nintendo is one of the hardest companies to make predictions for. The Wii, as well as products such as the Wii Fit, have hit the market and succeeded in ways that most never expected. While the 3DS is expected to take the show by storm, we shouldn’t sideline the impact of other hardware such as their Vitality Sensor and any other tricks they might have up their sleeve. If Nintendo has proven anything in the last five years, it is that we should never underestimate them.

Microsoft (Xbox 360, Xbox Live)

Project Natal! Perhaps one of the best kept secrets from last year’s E3; Natal is still a mystery for much of the gaming world. Journalists and industry folk have had a chance to test out software in development for over a year now, and leaks of the hardware have been filtering onto the internet for months, but the line up of potential games is still an unknown as are the exact capabilities of the device. E3 2010 shall hopefully reveal in depth the line-up of games we can expect to see, the price we can expect to pay, and ideally, its name! (so we can all stop calling it Natal!)

Similar to the leaks of the Jasper hardware for the new Xbox 360 consoles a couple of years ago, and the leaked images of the motherboard for the PS3 Slim last year, images of hardware believed to be the 260 Slim have been making the round on the internet. Many have believed this to be coming for some time, and with Natal on the way, a potential rerelease of the 360 brand in a new slim case is not seen as a complete impossibility. Microsoft is hoping that Natal shall open up their consumer base to include the housewives and grandparents who were won over by Wii three years ago; could they accomplish this with a 360 Slim/Natal bundle?

Other expected/hoped announcements:

• Halo Reach (playable single player)
• Gears of War 3 (gameplay trailer)
• An abundance of Natal titles of every colour and creed.
• An Xbox Live premium service (either taking the form of new services being added across the board and a subsequent price rise, or an opt-in Premium service for those who really love their 360s!)
• Portal 2 (Xbox 360, PC and Mac)
• Something else from Valve (Left 4 Dead 3, or Half Life 2: Episode 3, which would be met by a response of great anger or the sound of a thousand PC gamers crying in joy, respectively)

Sony (PS3, PSP)

Although much of the surprise will be absent from E3 this year concerning the Playstation Move, seen in great detail at GDC earlier this year, it will be considerably interesting to see how it will compare to Natal’s big reveal. This will be the first time the two motion controllers will be (supposedly) fully functioning, and no doubt will spark a second wave in the console wars around the blogs of the world. While we have seen titles such as SOCOM already utilising Move, expect to see more information on the compatibility between Move and other titles.

Other expected/hoped announcements:

• A PSN premium service. Most recent rumours suggest that it would be a paid yearly subscription, similar to the Xbox Live subscription scheme, and which would wrangle the consumer access to new services and potentially a free monthly downloadable title from the PSN.
• Kill Zone 3(D). Recently announced Kill Zone 3 has confirmed that the third instalment of the franchise will be in 3D and will continue the battle against the Helghast.
• Gran Turismo 5
• The Last Guardian
• The Team Ico Collection. Similar to the Blu-Ray version of God of War 1 and 2 released recently, we hope to see more information on the recently announced, HD bundle of ICO and Shadow of the Colossus.
• Resistance: Fall of Man 3
• Agent. Little is known of the PS3 exclusive from Rockstar studios, but we expect to have the veil lifted next month on their new, 1970s spy game.
• PSP/PSPGo. Having met with a tepid response, most likely in part due to the pricing plan behind it, we should expect to see Sony have another go at marketing the PSP, including various incentives and a recently announced promotion.

Other expected/hoped announcements across both the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3, and other news:

• Grand Theft Auto 5. Since Microsoft’s dominion over the DLC for Grand Theft Auto recently came to an end, allowing Playstation 3 owners’ access to The Lost and the Damned and The Ballard of Gay Tony, we can only hope that the next instalment in the GTA franchise is on its way. We are not expecting/hoping for anything beyond a simple tease of a new game, but when it comes to Rockstar and the GTA games, that’s more than enough.
• Bulletstorm. Recently announced FPS from Epic Games and the mind of Gears of War creator Cliff ‘Cliffy B’ Bleszinski.
• Music games – Rock Band 3 (revealed a few days ago to include keyboards), Rock Band: Green Day, Guitar Hero and DJ Hero titles.
• Metal Gear Rising (knowing Hideo Kojima, a cinematic trailer or two)
• Castlevania
• Crysis 2
• Call of Duty: Black Ops
• Final Fantasy Versus XIII. While originally slated as a PS3 exclusive, Yoichi Wada, president and CEO of Square Enix, has recently gone on record as stating that a multi-platform release of the title is a possibility.
• Final Fantasy XIV Online.
• OnLive. We expect to hear more about this gaming-on-demand service, announced to go live in mid-June.

It promises to be an exciting E3. Come back in mid-June to see our analysis of the expo.

E3 2010 – June 15th to June 17th

Robin Hood Review

Written by David Burroughs

Russell Crowe as Robin Hood

“That’s a lot of French” – King John (Oscar Isaac)

Having canned the concept “Nottingham”, a retelling of the Robin Hood story from the perspective of the titular Sheriff, we instead find ourselves with Robin Hood. However, with little adherence to either the well-known myth or historical accuracy, does Ridley Scott’s new partnership with Russell Crowe stand up to their earlier collaborations?

While it takes a considerable portion of the film to spell it out, Robin Hood is not the traditional tale of Robin Hood, and those expecting it to be so will be sorely disappointed. It is an origin story. As a returning soldier form the Crusades, clearly now an unshakable part of the myth, Robin Longstride (Russell Crowe) finds himself fleeing the army with which he has served for a decade, and returning to England, finding himself entangled within the complex world of medieval politics. Along the way all the familiar faces appear, from Lady Marian to Little John and Will Scarlet, but entirely absent are the traditional conflict between Nottingham and Robin, and Sherwood Forest appears to be the home of the Lost Boys. Despite the framework of locations and characters, it is a story of conflict between England and France, at the centre of which is Robin, as he uncovers his past and fights for his country.

Seeing the return of Crowe under the direction of Ridley Scott would naturally lead us to assume that we would be seeing a spiritual successor to their 2000 film, Gladiator, but instead we find a film considerably weaker than its predecessor. Russell Crowe is almost entirely two-dimensional, his loyalties shifting visibly between self-interest and unflinching loyalty to the shining concept of a free England. Which part of England remains questionable throughout though; despite Robin’s Northern origins, Crowe’s English accent shifts schizophrenically throughout the film from Scottish, to Irish, to Geordie, before finally resting on a more recognisably Northern accent for the grand finale. Cate Blanchett’s portrayal of Marion, on the other hand, is initially a refreshing change of pace. She entirely succeeds in portraying a strong female lead who is clearly stuck in a situation dictated by her sex and her economic situation. Nevertheless, as the film progresses, this role becomes a little inconsistent, and at one moment we find her fighting alongside an army while at another we find her swooning over Russell’s Robin. Perhaps it’s the accents? Meanwhile, the big villain of the piece is King John’s henchman, Godfrey, played by Mark Strong.  If you are one of the many people who liked Mark Strong’s roles as criminal masterminds in Sherlock Holmes and Kick-Ass, then you will fully appreciate his efforts in Robin Hood – there is very little difference. As an actor who has only recently become recognisable, it is sad to see him type-cast so quickly.

Despite the three lead characters, the rest of the cast unfortunately fit too comfortably into the category of “gritty stereotypes”. The arrogant, but weak King John, played by Oscar Isaac, feels painfully similar to that of Joaquin Phoenix’s emperor from Gladiator, but we are never given sufficient reason to hate him, and by the end he is little more than shouting and one-liners. In the meantime the English nobility blindly believe in a better England and the French are portrayed as an invading hoard of murderers and rapists. Heaven forbid that the writers permit fellow country-men to turn against one another in this classic English story. The Sheriff of Nottingham is little more than a bumbling idiot, and the King of France in particular, who is the absentee antagonist of the film, appears in about three scenes, and at his most evil when he accidently cuts his thumb. The motivations, like much of the plot, boil down to a simplistic rivalry between France and England.

Despite the obligatory scene of Robin firing an arrow an absurd distance and striking a perfect hit, there is little here which one would naturally associate with a Robin Hood film. The rich are not robbed, and Robin’s kleptomania is saved purely for the dead and the church, or when it can impress Marian. What is left, once you accept that this is not a retelling of the Robin Hood myth, is a medieval political conspiracy which lacks any historical foundations. The middle of the film is predictable in its formulaic handling of relationships and character growth, and there is little substance between the two unsatisfying battles which bookend the film. Despite Crowe’s protestations that any semblance of an Irish accent during his performance was “bollocks” when interviewed for BBC Radio 4’s Front Row program, I maintain that many of you who go to see if shall find his accents as inconsistent as the rest of the plot. The finale leaves a gaping hole ready to be filled by a sequel, which if you were understandably misled by the advertising, should be the film you were expecting to see this time round. One can only hope that the ‘Nottingham’ project isn’t entirely dead, but can live on if they insist on taking this story any further.

Get Ready Folks… A Dating Website For Apple Fans Launches This June…

No, your eyes are not deceiving you, you did read the headline right. This June a new dating website called Cupidtino launches exclusively for Apple fanboys (and girls) where they can share their love (and obsession) for Apple products and, maybe, just maybe, even find love themselves.

Cupidtino is a beautiful new dating site created for fans of Apple productsby fans of Apple products! Why? Diehard Mac & Apple fans often have a lot in common – personalities, creative professions, a similar sense of style and aesthetics, taste, and of course a love for technology. We believe these are enough reasons for two people to meet and fall in love, and so we created the first Mac-inspired dating site to help you find other Machearts around you.

Cupidtino will launch in June 2010 exclusively on Apple platforms – Safari, iPhone and iPad apps. It’s time to share the love.

Wow, this is a first. The name ‘Cupidtino’ is a blend of Cupid and Cupertino, the city which houses Apple’s headquarters. The site is purely for those who need to spend less time hugging their iPad’s and more time getting out into the real world and hugging real people. Well, that’s at least my perception of it.

And in case you needed more proof to convince you that this isn’t one huge joke, here’s a faux profile made by the Cupidtino site for one of the Gizmodo reporters to prove to her that the website actually exists and will launch in June!

So, if you want to find that special someone who loves their shiny Apple products just as much as you do, you better hit up that website pronto and get a beta invite!

Nintendo 3DS to offer 2D option

I breathed a sigh of relief when Nintendo President, Satoru Iwata announced that the upcoming 3DS handheld console would support the option to switch between 2D and 3D.

The 3D gameplay can easily be switched off, which is good to know seeing as I always get terrible eye ache when watching a 3D movie or game for a long period of time.

This will also reassure worried parents, who feared that long exposure to 3D games would have a damaging effect on the development of their children’s eyes. Now they have the option to switch it off!

The full console will be revealed at next month’s E3.

Source: Engadget