iOS 4.3.3 is Live, Fixing Those Location Bug Issues

Apple has just released iOS 4.3.3 through iTunes, an update for all iOS devices which fixes a number of problems relating to the iPhone location tracking fiasco. As promised by Apple, the update will change the iOS location database file in regards to how location data is stored and backed up. As stated in the release notes above, iOS 4.3.3 reduces the size of the cache, stops backing up the cache to iTunes and completely deletes the cache when Location Services is turned off (something that previously didn’t happen).

Apple came into the firing line recently when it was revealed that iOS 4 contained an unencrypted location tracking log file, that made it incredibly easy for any Tom, Dick or Harry to spy on your whereabouts either by jailbreaking your iPhone or accessing the file from your iOS back up in iTunes. This unencrypted file was logging your every move even after turning off Location Services with no obvious way to remove the file from either your iPhone or your computer. This of course caused a huge outcry and Apple responded quickly assuring users they were not tracking their locations and promised an update in the coming weeks. Well, the wait is over my friends so plug in your iPhones, iPads and iPods to rectify this problem quickly. Has Apple done everything to ease your worries about location tracking, or has this doubted your trust in the big A?

Source: Engadget, TheAppleBlog, Ars Technica


iOS 5 Pushed Back for a Fall Release?

The Apple rumour mill has most definitely been working overtime this past weekend chugging out many rumours, most notably the possibility that iOS 5 will not be released until fall/autumn 2011. The news comes from two solid sources at TechCrunch who believe the latest update to the software will be a major revamp including a new notifications system and a more ‘cloud based’ operating system linking in with the launch of new servies such as music streaming and social networking location services. Check out my latest video above to hear more details. What do you guys think? Are you looking forward to iOS 5? Let me know what new features you’d love to see!

Source: TechCrunch

“Chrome to Phone” pushes websites, directions and numbers in a flash

Android (2.2 “Froyo”) users can now push websites, directions and phone numbers straight to their handset thanks to Google’s new “Chrome to Phone” feature. You’ll need a Google account and two installations; one in your browser (Chrome or Firefox) and one on your handset, then you’re ready to push away to your hearts content.

For websites just hit the new mobile icon in your Chrome browser and it will automatically be pushed straight to your phone. If you’re viewing driving directions in Google Maps, the process is exactly the same. Hit the mobile icon and voila! The driving directions are instantly on your phone. Amazing huh? Phone numbers are pushed by highlighting the number required and again, hitting the mobile icon and the number is sent directly to your phone, ready to dial.

Phone to Chrome is a feature highly requested, but isn’t available for Android just yet. The company are also hoping to bring “Chrome to Phone” to the iPhone as well.

Image via CNET

Source: Lifehacker, Mashable and CNET

Opera Mini Approved for iPhone (Review)

There was a collective gasp around the internet on Monday 12th April when Apple approved Opera Mini for iPhone and made it available for free in the app store. I was pretty surprised when this happened as normally any rival browser for Safari has been cast aside away from Apple land, but as my boyfriend pointed out to me, there are plenty of camera apps, weather apps, and even stock apps to rival all of Apple’s already on the phone and they get approved no problem so why should a browser be any different?

The first thing I (and everyone else) noticed when using Opera Mini is how incredibly fast it renders pages, even on a 2G Edge network. This is because Opera compresses data by up to 90 percent before sending content to the device, resulting in significantly improved page loading. When you first open up Opera you are introduced to their default ‘speed dial’ home page which includes links to Facebook, Twitter, CNN and others. Using the speed dial home page is very easy and you can edit which websites you want to include by hitting the plus button and choosing a URL. You can edit the default thumbnails given by long pressing on whichever one you want to change until a small pop up window appears with the options to ‘clear’ or ‘edit.’ Going back through your previous webpages is also incredibly fast as Opera doesn’t reload a page every time you press back so getting to where you want is so easy and fast.

Multitouch is enabled but it’s not as good as Safari’s. You can pinch to zoom but this only zooms in fully with nothing in between. Double tap only zooms in fully as well unlike Safari where you can choose which zoom level you want by slowly pinching in or out. It also doesn’t feel as smooth as Safari with general gestures like panning around a webpage and zooming. It’s a little too jerky for my liking but hey, this is it’s first release so they’ve done pretty well so far!

Another really cool feature is ‘Find In Page’ which gives you the option to search for a specific word in a webpage and Opera then finds all the words on that page which match your search and highlights them in green! It’s so useful and very speedy.

CEO of Opera Software Lars Boilesen said, “We are delighted to offer iPhone and iPod touch users a great browsing experience with the Opera Mini App. This app is another step toward Opera’s goal of bringing the Web to more people in more places.”

Overall Opera is a great browser for the iPhone and definitely speeds up everyday tasks when browsing the web on your phone. The UI is clean and simple, with an attractive speed dial homepage that makes getting to your favourite websites so much easier.

So what are you waiting for? Hit up the App Store and give this baby a workout!

Feel free to leave your own reviews in the comments, I’d love to know what everyone thinks!

Official Twitter App For iPhone Coming Soon

I don’t know about you, but when it comes to the apps on my iPhone, I like to keep things official where I can. I was thrilled when the official ‘Facebook for iPhone’ app first came out but was constantly searching for an official Twitter app.

There were obvious front runners in the market such as Tweetie and Twitterific whose clients were easy to use with clean and beautiful user interfaces. Yet I always wished for an official app from Twitter as (supposedly) that would be the best on the market, but I could never find one… until now.

Twitter founder Evan Williams has announced that the company will be buying Tweetie (an iPhone Twitter client) from creator Loren Brichter and will be renaming it Twitter for iPhone. It will be the first official iPhone Twitter app from Twitter itself and will be available in the App Store for free!

Williams says that “People are looking for an app from Twitter, and they’re not finding one. So, they get confused and give up. It’s important that we optimize for user benefit and create an awesome experience.”

Brichter will be joining the Twitter mobile team, and he’ll be working alongside them to eventually create a Twitter for iPad app as well. Williams also said that the Twitter for iPhone app should be available “in the coming weeks” although there was no word on when the iPad version would be released.

Check out the news from the official Twitter blog.

More details to come….

Apple Holding iPhone OS 4.0 Preview Event, April 8th!

You heard me right guys, after the huge excitement from the iPad launch, Apple quietly slipped out invitations to a “sneak peek of the next generation of iPhone OS software.” The event will be held on April 8th at 10am PT at Apple’s Infinite Loop campus in Cupertino and I can’t wait to find out what the latest upgrades will be. Will it live up to the rumours? Who knows, all I know is that I cannot wait to see what Apple come up with next.

Facebook For iPhone 3.0

Facebook LogoFacebook finally updated their App for the iPhone a few days ago with some big changes to the interface and lots of new and improved features. May I just say that I have been waiting for this update for what has felt like ages! On the old version, many of the so called features just didn’t work! There was many a time where I would click on the link to view pictures my friends had been tagged in and it just never worked! There were often crash issues and the chat didn’t always work, so I had big hopes for this new update which had taken so long to finally arrive!

I’ve been using the new and improved 3.0 for about two days now and so far, I’m impressed. It took a little while to get used to the new interface but it’s second nature now. One of the first big changes in the new version is the ‘grid-like’ home screen which reminds me of the iPhone’s home screen with your apps arranged for easy accessibility. You can choose to add more pages (just like the iPhone) with quick links to your friends pages and fan pages that you view regularly. It’s very much like the iPhone home screen in that you can swipe left or right to view your desired friends and links and you can also rearrange the icons to your personal preference. All in all I like this new layout and I think it links everything up nicely without complicating things further.

Facebook 3.0

You can now view your friends birthdays and upcoming events as well as all your fan pages. It’s also possible to RSVP to events within the app and also write and view notes. Facebook 3.0 now comes with the option to rotate the iPhone and use the app in landscape mode which is great and you can also zoom in and out on photos (finally!). The only downside to the landscape mode is that it’s actually rather annoying if your trying to use Facebook whilst lying in bed (something that I often do!) so it would be nice to see the option to turn this off in the next update.

Lost one of your friends phone numbers? Not a problem now! Facebook 3.0 lets you quickly view which of your friends has displayed their mobile phone numbers on their profiles and gives you the option to SMS or call them! It’s pretty nifty actually, once you’ve selected either SMS or call, the Facebook app closes momentarily and either begins to ring the person selected using the iPhone or you can begin to type the SMS. Obviously this feature is only available on the iPhone but it’s still cool, and once you’re finished Facebook reopens!

Facebook Friends

Facebook 3.0 gives you full control of your photos and albums which means you can now create and delete albums as well as deleting individual photos and tags. You can also upload videos straight to Facebook from your iPhone 3GS however you can’t view your friends uploaded videos which is a major downer but you can view videos your friends have posted from You Tube via the built-in browser.

The news feed section is a lot more like it’s desktop brother with more viewing options and the ‘What’s on your mind’ box at the top to input your status.

Facebook News Feed

The biggest letdown for this new update would have to be the huge lack of push notifications. Even now the iPhone is set up to vibrate when someone chats to me whilst using the app but this IS NOT happening! Sort it out Facebook! It would be great to leave the app running in the background and to be alerted when someone chats to you or you receive a notification. At the moment the only way to be alerted without actually having the Facebook app running is to set up email alerts on your iPhone and even then, the iPhone’s email client only refreshes itself every 15 minutes which isn’t great! I’d love to see push notifications in the next update as I think this would be greatly appreciated by many many facers :)

All in all, this is a nice update to the Facebook app adding and improving many features which I think should have been included on the first release but hey ho, you can’t have everything can you! I think the developers were probably testing the waters to see how much of Facebook users actually needed on their phones, and the answer to that is? … WE NEED IT ALL! :)

Oh and one other little difference… The icon has changed on your home screen, how thrilling!

My iPhone!

Testing out WordPress for iPhone!

Hello everyone on this fine Thursday afternoon!! I thought I’d finally get around to testing out this WordPress for iPhone app! So far so good, however I haven’t gotten around to actually publishing this yet so we’ll see how it goes! It’s pretty fiddly typing on the iPhone for any long period of time, luckily this app allows you to use the horizontal keyboard which is a lot quicker to use.

So! In terms of the actual application, it’s pretty basic, does what it says on the tin kind of affair. I’m unsure whether you can add pictures or video to your post, I think it’s mainly just for typing on the go and keeping your loyal fans updated with the latest happenings… Wanna know the latest happenings in my life? Not a great deal that’s what’s happening! I love my life though, it’s great it’s just not the most eventful!! Had most of this week off on holiday which was great, had a chance to chill however I haven’t really been sleeping very well. It was dear David’s birthday on Monday! He’s finally 20! For a brief period in time we are the same age!! Lol until December when I turn 21! Woo how time flies! I baked Dave some very yummy cakes which were strawberry flavoured with strawberry icing uuuuuh!! They were so good! My best friend Holly came round to help me bake and we listened to our favourite George Michael song “sexual freeek” to get us in the baking mood!! Haha! Ahh good times!!!

Anyway that will be all for now as I’m worried that all my typing isn’t actually being saved and somehow I need to publish this! Fingers crossed hey! I’ve also got another blog publishing app to test a bit later so let the battles commence!!!

On a final note, sorry about the spelling mistakes if there are any! I know iPhone mostly corrects everything but sometimes there’s an odd random word which is left out! Anyway ta taa for now!!!


P.S I found out you can add photos to your post! There’s an option at the bottom along with a preview button so you can review your hard work!! You can add photos from the iPhone’s camera roll or take a new one!!

Apple Store Sydney Opening!

Me and Dave at the Apple Store!!

Me and Dave at the Sydney Apple Store!

Hey guys! I wanted to take some time out to reminisce a little about my travels from last year which were the best 5 months ever! I had an AMAZING time and not a day goes by where I don’t wish I could go back. Travelling depression sucks! :( But hey ho, you have to keep on chugging along and earn the pennies!

Anyways! So I wanted to talk a little about my trip to the lovely city of Sydney in Australia where I was lucky enough to witness the opening of the Sydney flagship Apple Store on 19th June 2008! I’ve just done a quick research on Google and found out that the store is the second largest of it’s kind after the Apple Store in Regent Street, London. It was a very cool store spanning three floors with the traditional glass front and a huge glowing Apple logo to which I bowed down to (jokes!). The queues were HUGE filling the streets outside (three city blocks!) with people having camped outside for up to 30 hours prior to launch. Hardcore man. I remember walking with Dave for what felt like ages trying to find the end of the queue! I swear we never found it! It just kept on going! Even when the Lord Apple finally opened his doors, the queue had to be filtered in at about 30 or so people at a time just to control everyone!

Apple Store!

The police  were out and about making sure everyone was under control, the media were there too capturing every moment and I was there with my camera! Here’s a short video outside the store shortly after it was opened with the hugely enthusiastic Apple employees whooping and cheering! It was wicked! At one point the crowd was all chanting “Apple, Apple, Apple!” but sadly I didn’t capture that moment!

The store was very impressive, I’ve always been a fan of the Apple Store’s architecture. That clean glass feel is everywhere and the huge glass front gives all the stores such an open feel.

Apple Store Sydney

Those who were first in the queue were given commemorative Apple t-shirts and I also heard a rumour that free iPods were given out! Cool! I never saw an iPod though as I was about 5000th in the queue! HaHa! Here’s Dave getting some ‘Genius’ advice at the Genius Bar.

Dave at the Genius Bar

Well that’s about it for my Apple Store story! I hope you’ve enjoyed it and I’ll be bringing you more travelling memories very soon! :)

Me at the Apple Store!

Twas The Night Before WWDC 2009…

WWDC 2009That’s right folks the waiting is almost over! I’m literally so excited I could explode in a giant Apple explosion! So I guess that makes me an Apple Fanboy or whatever they call us! I cannot wait to see what great products will be unveiled namely the iPhone! The rumour mill really has been working overtime with this one, literally everyday for the past two months there’s been new clues and hints as to what features the new iPhone will have and what it will look like. It would be so disappointing after all of that if they didn’t release any new hardware and just came out with the 3.0 software! Gutted! But lets not be pessimistic here guys! I’ve been keeping up to date with all my tech and gadget tweets over the past week for any more big clues and today another one has been released. This time it’s a picture of supposedly the NEW iPHONE!!!! To be honest, I’m pretty sure it’s been photoshopped as it looks highly like the 3g model with a few ‘tweaks’ such as a matte black finish on the back, a front facing camera and the new 3.0 software clearly displayed on the screen. However, the main question is, how much more can they do to improve the iPhone’s aesthetic qualities? I’m pretty pleased with how the current model looks, I love the big glossy glass touch screen which is very receptive. I’m a fan of the weight and size of the product and have no major qualms with the colour choices. Black and white is great. It keeps in with the ‘professional’ and slightly more up market feel to the iPhone which has attracted so many customers. So, enough of my jibba jabba! Here’s the leaked photos from Engadget:

New iPhone?

I wasn’t too keen when I first heard the iPhone would have a rubber back. I suddenly had images of those tacky iPod covers I used to have which attracted fluff and dust like nobody’s business. But I think if Apple get it right, then it could work. From the looks of these pictures, it seems Apple could be hitting it right but these are most likely fake anyway!

Well I must go and get some sleep now before the big day! I will be watching the keynote as soon as I can (too bad I’m working) and I just cannot wait!!

One last thing before I go. As I was writing up this post I had a look on Engadget quickly and found this article just posted. The rumour mill keeps on chugging! Check it out!

Goodnight Apple fans!!!