Facebook is down = the end of the world as we know it

If, like me, you’ve been manically refreshing your Facebook page for the past hour to no avail, then you are not alone. The official news along the Zuckerberg grapevine is that the company is experiencing “latency issues with the API” (whatever that means!) In other words, the whole site seems to be affected including Facebook’s Like button, which means that a good percentage of the web will be having problems.

Here’s the official statement from Facebook’s Platform live status page:

Current Status: API Latency Issues

We are currently experiencing latency issues with the API, and we are actively investigating. We will provide an update when either the issue is resolved or we have an ETA for resolution.

Apparently the company had the same problems yesterday, which caused the site to crash according to TechCrunch.

Keep checking Facebook’s Platform live status page for more news!

Source: TechCrunch



2 thoughts on “Facebook is down = the end of the world as we know it

  1. Talk about a prompt news ! just got back from work and was like ‘what’s going on?’ then suddenly i get your snap gadget email :-) thanks x

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