Carrie Bradshaw, you are a Mac not a PC!

Rumour has it that Carrie Bradshaw will no longer be using her trusted MacBook Pro in the upcoming Sex and the City 2! The style icon will instead be using a Hewlett-Packard! (What?!)
To all those loyal sex and the city fans (myself included!) we know that, as a fashion icon (and a huge technophobe!) Carrie has always loved the look of an Apple laptop plus the fact that they’re super easy to use! However in the upcoming Sex and the City 2 it appears HP have scored an elaborate product placement deal and this could threaten the existence of Carrie’s beloved MacBook Pro!

All throughout the series and the first film Carrie has been a loyal Mac user, apart from in the very first pilot episode where she used some insignificant hunk of junk PC. Why are the movie producers and writers selling out and changing her characters persona when they know she’s a technophobe who doesn’t like change? Remember when her Mac froze and she lost all of her data because she hadn’t been backing up? Aiden bought her a brand new Apple laptop (a much faster and prettier one I may add) yet she insisted on sticking with what she knew. There is no way Carrie would change to a Windows! She wouldn’t even know how to use the OS and would constantly be downloading unnecessary anti-virus software programs and installing numerous toolbars. Plus there’s something about Macs that suit her personality and image. She’s Carrie Bradshaw and she needs her Mac!

Let’s hope they decide to stay true to her character!


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