Apple Tablet

To put it frankly, would I buy an Apple Tablet? Possibly. For two reasons, number 1, if I had a lot of money to spare, and number 2, if this ‘mysterious tablet’ had a lot to offer. I’m not saying that I’m not intrigued because I am, but I can’t help but think of it as a giant iPhone. I just can’t see a major advantage to owning a Tablet, but then again, I might be thinking differently after they (most likely) unveil it on the 27th January. In true Apple fashion it will be shiny and slick and sexy, and within minutes my eyes will be lusting after the latest offering from Apple. That’s the trouble with me and Apple products. They always release products that I never really needed until I saw them. When the iPhone first came out I was really against it. “Why change to a fancy, wizzy phone when my Samsung G600 already does everything I need?” But alas! I was highly wrong! Over the next few months my friends joined the iPhone brigade and I was sorely tempted. So tempted in fact that I went out and got the brand new 3G S as soon as it hit the shelves last June (I got up at 6am to be at the shops for opening, I even queued!!!) My Samsung contract hadn’t even ended yet!
And the same seems to be happening with this magical and mystical Tablet. I’m completely against it (or was) but as the days draw closer to the fated January 27th I’m beginning to think that I would shell out the cash.

Watch this space Apple heads…


3 thoughts on “Apple Tablet

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