Testing out WordPress for iPhone!

Hello everyone on this fine Thursday afternoon!! I thought I’d finally get around to testing out this WordPress for iPhone app! So far so good, however I haven’t gotten around to actually publishing this yet so we’ll see how it goes! It’s pretty fiddly typing on the iPhone for any long period of time, luckily this app allows you to use the horizontal keyboard which is a lot quicker to use.

So! In terms of the actual application, it’s pretty basic, does what it says on the tin kind of affair. I’m unsure whether you can add pictures or video to your post, I think it’s mainly just for typing on the go and keeping your loyal fans updated with the latest happenings… Wanna know the latest happenings in my life? Not a great deal that’s what’s happening! I love my life though, it’s great it’s just not the most eventful!! Had most of this week off on holiday which was great, had a chance to chill however I haven’t really been sleeping very well. It was dear David’s birthday on Monday! He’s finally 20! For a brief period in time we are the same age!! Lol until December when I turn 21! Woo how time flies! I baked Dave some very yummy cakes which were strawberry flavoured with strawberry icing uuuuuh!! They were so good! My best friend Holly came round to help me bake and we listened to our favourite George Michael song “sexual freeek” to get us in the baking mood!! Haha! Ahh good times!!!

Anyway that will be all for now as I’m worried that all my typing isn’t actually being saved and somehow I need to publish this! Fingers crossed hey! I’ve also got another blog publishing app to test a bit later so let the battles commence!!!

On a final note, sorry about the spelling mistakes if there are any! I know iPhone mostly corrects everything but sometimes there’s an odd random word which is left out! Anyway ta taa for now!!!


P.S I found out you can add photos to your post! There’s an option at the bottom along with a preview button so you can review your hard work!! You can add photos from the iPhone’s camera roll or take a new one!!


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