Apple Store Sydney Opening!

Me and Dave at the Apple Store!!

Me and Dave at the Sydney Apple Store!

Hey guys! I wanted to take some time out to reminisce a little about my travels from last year which were the best 5 months ever! I had an AMAZING time and not a day goes by where I don’t wish I could go back. Travelling depression sucks! :( But hey ho, you have to keep on chugging along and earn the pennies!

Anyways! So I wanted to talk a little about my trip to the lovely city of Sydney in Australia where I was lucky enough to witness the opening of the Sydney flagship Apple Store on 19th June 2008! I’ve just done a quick research on Google and found out that the store is the second largest of it’s kind after the Apple Store in Regent Street, London. It was a very cool store spanning three floors with the traditional glass front and a huge glowing Apple logo to which I bowed down to (jokes!). The queues were HUGE filling the streets outside (three city blocks!) with people having camped outside for up to 30 hours prior to launch. Hardcore man. I remember walking with Dave for what felt like ages trying to find the end of the queue! I swear we never found it! It just kept on going! Even when the Lord Apple finally opened his doors, the queue had to be filtered in at about 30 or so people at a time just to control everyone!

Apple Store!

The police  were out and about making sure everyone was under control, the media were there too capturing every moment and I was there with my camera! Here’s a short video outside the store shortly after it was opened with the hugely enthusiastic Apple employees whooping and cheering! It was wicked! At one point the crowd was all chanting “Apple, Apple, Apple!” but sadly I didn’t capture that moment!

The store was very impressive, I’ve always been a fan of the Apple Store’s architecture. That clean glass feel is everywhere and the huge glass front gives all the stores such an open feel.

Apple Store Sydney

Those who were first in the queue were given commemorative Apple t-shirts and I also heard a rumour that free iPods were given out! Cool! I never saw an iPod though as I was about 5000th in the queue! HaHa! Here’s Dave getting some ‘Genius’ advice at the Genius Bar.

Dave at the Genius Bar

Well that’s about it for my Apple Store story! I hope you’ve enjoyed it and I’ll be bringing you more travelling memories very soon! :)

Me at the Apple Store!


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