Apple Shifts 1 Million iPhone 3GS Models

Apple 3G S Launch

iPhone 3G S Launch Day

Despite everyone saying that the new iPhone 3G S wasn’t going to sell as well as the previous iPhone 3G, people still went out in their millions to buy the new upgrade over the past weekend. By Sunday 21st June, the third day after it’s launch, Apple had sold over 1 Million handsets showing that the Apple Empire continues to rule on with their loyal and dedicated “fanboys” (me included as I bought one opening day!) Last year Apple sold 1 million units over the opening weekend with the 3G model, however people couldn’t pre order the 3G model which probably explains why the queues were massive last year compared to this years 30 or so people that lined up outside various Apple Stores and phone shops. This was a welcome addition in my opinion to the buying process as it meant that people who really wanted the new phone straight away when it came out were able to relax at home and let the postman/ delivery man bring it to them without queuing up for hours! When I bought mine there were about 20 people lined up outside the o2 store and from reading various articles from around the world, it seems that most stores were like this too (apart from the flagship Apple Stores which obviously had more.)

Apple Store Downtown San Francisco

There was more exciting news for Apple as the new 3.0 software released on June 17 reached six million downloads just five day after it came out. This was definitely enough good news to wake Steve from his hibernation and come out with a statement saying “Customers are voting and the iPhone is winning.” It is indeed Steve now hurry up and come back, we miss you!

For more photos and information check out CNET‘s review and Engadget.


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