iPhone 3GS!

photos-hardware-01-20090608Hey everyone! I’m so sorry it’s been like 10 years since I last posted anything! But, I was saving up for something big… THE iPHONE 3G S!!!!!! Yes people, I finally have an iPhone!!!!! All those looong years of waiting are finally over and I can now hold my very own iPhone in the palm of my hand. And I love it!! I know there weren’t hundreds of new features but I have to say I’m really impressed with what they’ve updated. On first glances you think, “Why in the name of Steve Jobs will I need a compass or a voice control app, and OK they are a little random but SOOO cool. I literally cannot stop playing with voice control. When I saw the demos I thought you’d have to talk in an American accent for the voice control to actually work but NO! It works with my voice too! It’s so clever, I tell it to play songs by Led Zeppelin and it starts to play Heartbreaker! SO COOL! Completely random and I doubt I would actually use it in a public place but very impressive. Can you imagine standing on the Tube and saying out loud “Call Mum.” I would feel a little bit like an idiot but who cares! Here’s a video I made to demonstrate the POWER of the iPhone (sorry about my shaky hands and bad filming, this is my first video!!)

Voice ControlNext up I wanted to just mention the Compass. Again another slightly random addition that on the surface seems completely useless but now that I’ve played with it a little it’s actually really cool! I can now tell which direction I’m facing! The compass on the screen looks really nice, Apple have designed it well as they always do. Apparently the compass helps with the Maps app and shows you on the map which direction you’re facing but mine isn’t working! Darn it, why do I live in this countryside where nothing works! I don’t even get 3G here!! I’m working on it though guys, and hopefully I will get it to work soon!

Here’s another video for you to feast your eyes on! I shot it on my new iPhone just to test what the video quality is like and I’m quite impressed! It’s a pretty pointless video and I was in my PJ’s so no camera time for me! Lol! Plus I also made a silly mistake, you’ll see! Hope you enjoy :)

Lastly I want to mention the new 3 megapixel camera. It’s pretty good, I can definitely see a difference between this and the 3G camera. The lighting is good and the new auto focus feature works great. Here’s a shot of Steve where i tried to use the autofocus on his face!

Steve Jobs!

Well I guess I’ll leave it at that for now! I bet you’ve all checked out what other cool new features are on the iPhone so i won’t repeat everything! If you want more info just go to www.apple.com/iphone/ and you’ll find everything on there! I recommend this phone to EVERYONE because it’s so cool and sexy and how could you not want one LOL! I don’t care that Adam says it’s a Gucci phone (as in it looks nice but doesn’t actually work) because it does! Our war between the Blackberry’s and the iPhone’s continues…


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