Twas The Night Before WWDC 2009…

WWDC 2009That’s right folks the waiting is almost over! I’m literally so excited I could explode in a giant Apple explosion! So I guess that makes me an Apple Fanboy or whatever they call us! I cannot wait to see what great products will be unveiled namely the iPhone! The rumour mill really has been working overtime with this one, literally everyday for the past two months there’s been new clues and hints as to what features the new iPhone will have and what it will look like. It would be so disappointing after all of that if they didn’t release any new hardware and just came out with the 3.0 software! Gutted! But lets not be pessimistic here guys! I’ve been keeping up to date with all my tech and gadget tweets over the past week for any more big clues and today another one has been released. This time it’s a picture of supposedly the NEW iPHONE!!!! To be honest, I’m pretty sure it’s been photoshopped as it looks highly like the 3g model with a few ‘tweaks’ such as a matte black finish on the back, a front facing camera and the new 3.0 software clearly displayed on the screen. However, the main question is, how much more can they do to improve the iPhone’s aesthetic qualities? I’m pretty pleased with how the current model looks, I love the big glossy glass touch screen which is very receptive. I’m a fan of the weight and size of the product and have no major qualms with the colour choices. Black and white is great. It keeps in with the ‘professional’ and slightly more up market feel to the iPhone which has attracted so many customers. So, enough of my jibba jabba! Here’s the leaked photos from Engadget:

New iPhone?

I wasn’t too keen when I first heard the iPhone would have a rubber back. I suddenly had images of those tacky iPod covers I used to have which attracted fluff and dust like nobody’s business. But I think if Apple get it right, then it could work. From the looks of these pictures, it seems Apple could be hitting it right but these are most likely fake anyway!

Well I must go and get some sleep now before the big day! I will be watching the keynote as soon as I can (too bad I’m working) and I just cannot wait!!

One last thing before I go. As I was writing up this post I had a look on Engadget quickly and found this article just posted. The rumour mill keeps on chugging! Check it out!

Goodnight Apple fans!!!



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