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Ok guys, as promised here is the review for the brand spanking new The Sims 3 App for the iPhone/ iPod Touch eeeee!!

I have to admit, I did have high hopes for this application as it is the mobile equivalent for the desktop game and let me tell you, I was not disappointed!  The full version of The Sims 3 is released TODAY in the UK! Oh yeah! Too bad my laptop doesn’t have enough memory to play it! :( Apple Store here I come…

After browsing on iTunes and reading everyone’s reviews I did tend to notice one huge trend: CRASHING. Everyone was saying it’s brilliant but it crashes or I can’t play the game, it keeps crashing! However, I have yet to experience this problem as my iPod Touch seems to be handling the game brilliantly! I LOVE THIS GAME! Ok so the graphics aren’t like AMAZING but that’s ok, this is a mobile version of the game, it’s not meant to be perfect and smooth like its big brother. Right from the beginning, you hear the classic “Sims” music. Everyone who’s a Sims fan will know which music I’m going on about! We can all hum along to it! You are then given the option of starting a new game and customising your very first Sim.


The Create-a-Sim page lets you choose the clothes, eye colour, hair colour, hair style and name of your new Sim. A new feature in The Sims 3 is the ability to choose ‘traits’ for your Sim such as shy, modest, friendly, outgoing etc. These all have an impact on how your Sim develops within the game and which occupations are most suited to them. This really gives the user a more involved experience than ever before as you can choose exactly how you want your Sim act and this makes recreating yourself or your friends on the game even more fun! They can literally be little clones of yourself!

In terms of customising clothes and hair styles etc, the choice is limited to only a handful of suggestions with some of the clothes looking a little “out of date” in my opinion, but hey this is The Sims and I still love it. I don’t know whether players can unlock new outfits throughout the game as they progress but this would be a welcome addition in my eyes. Once your new Sim has been named and created you are then transported to your home and given the opportunity to play the tutorial. This I highly recommend as getting used to the controls and how to play the game isn’t the same as the computer version so it’s best to get yourself properly acquainted . In true iPhone fashion you use two fingers to rotate the camera and also to tilt the camera which is a great feature and works well (on my iPod anyway!). The camera is mostly smooth apart from if you move the camera suddenly, then it takes a moment to catch up but it’s not a huge problem. On the right of the screen you have a zoom in and out button which you just drag up and down to adjust the zoom level. Overall I’m very happy with the controls, I think they’re quick to learn and make playing the game very easy.

Another addition to the game is ‘wishes’ which is very similar to The Sims 2 although on that game they were called Goals/ Aspirations. Every time you fulfil a Sim’s ‘wish’ this improves your Sim’s mood and can unlock new content such as new furniture. Moving around your surroundings is as simple as touching where you want to walk and your Sim will move straight away. Interacting with objects is the same as before, all you do is click on the object you want your Sim to use, and a menu will pop up with the different options. For example, as we can see in this picture, the door has been selected and you can choose to either knock, barge in or walk to. It’s easy!

The Sims 3

Another great new feature is the ‘Go To Town’ option which lets your Sim visit the shops, get a job, buy food and go fishing at the lake! Simply click on the pavement outside your house and you’ll see a little pad flashing on the floor, select this and then select Go to Town Map. Once you’re in town you can freely move about visiting your friends houses and all the different shops. These include the Hobby Shop, the Quickmart, the Pawn Shop and the Corsican Bistro. You can get jobs at all of these places as well as the Laboratory and the Town Hall. The Lake is a nice place to visit and your Sim can even indulge in a spot of fishing! This feature takes advantage of the iPhone’s/ iPod’s accelerometer with the player tilting the device back and forth to catch the fish and yanking the device back to reel them in! When cooking food the accelerometer also comes in to play with the user gently shaking the pots to keep them from over boiling. It’s brilliant!!

The Sims 3 The Lake

Here’s two shots of the Town during the day, and at night time.

The Sims 3 Town

The Sims 3 Town Night

Overall I’m extremely impressed with EA’s latest addition to their growing collection of Apps. The Sims 3 is thoroughly enjoyable and easy to play and if it doesn’t crash then it’s wonderful! Lets hope they release an update soon to fix this. The only downside (as with all iPhone/ iPod apps) is the battery life. The Sims 3 uses a lot of power to run as it is a graphics intensive game with a lot going on at the same time. This however, is not EA’s fault as generally we all know that the iPhone’s battery life is pretty rubbish. Lets hope that next week at the WWDC conference, they’ll announce a brand new iPhone with a HUGELY improved battery! Come on Apple, I know you can do it!!

Well, I think I’ll leave it at that for now as I’ve written over 1000 words on The Sims! I’m getting carried away! HaHa! I also haven’t been playing the game for long so I still don’t know all the new features yet but I will be letting you all know if I see anything cool! I hope this has been handy for all you Sims fans out there, now go play! Enjoy! I would say that in Simlish but 1. that would be silly and 2. I don’t know how!

Toodles for now!


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