Sony PSP Go

Sony E3

The worst kept secret at E3 was finally officially announced yesterday, apologies for the late post but I was busy yesterday! The brand new Sony PSP Go! My first thoughts are, it’s a slider? Ok so I was slightly surprised when I first saw it simply because I hadn’t ever thought of combining the two ideas; hand held gaming console and slider design. It just didn’t seem like they would go, but after a careful look at the latest pictures released I’m starting to warm to the idea. Now obviously I haven’t had a hands on experience with the device yet (I would love to!) so I’m going to trust Engadget‘s review of the new toy. According to these guys they thought “there could be a little more depth between your thumbs and palm of your hand, and it felt a bit hard to locate the shoulder buttons, but that may be because we’re used to the older model.”


It looks pretty slick in the traditional shiny black which, in my opinion, is the best colour although having said that my PSP is actually pink! But I still love it. The new model has no UMD drive saving a lot of space and weight making it “50 percent smaller and 40 percent lighter than the original PSP-1000.” Don’t let this get all you old PSP users down, apparently all new PSP titles will be released both on UMD and online at the same time making them readily accessible for everyone. It comes with 16GB of internal storage, a 3.8 inch LCD screen, built in Bluetooth and WiFi as well as built in stereo speakers and a microphone. Sounding pretty cool huh? But I wonder how improved the graphics are on this version? Sony has definitely gotta pull something out of the bag with this model as the last PSP definitely wasn’t the huge seller everyone thought it would be with the Nintendo DS trumping Sony’s PSP into the dirt! I still never fully understood the real reason for this because, in my opinion, the PSP’s graphics were way better making it practically a mini Playstation, which is of course what it intended to be! But Nintendo really hit a niche in the market that needed to be filled with touch screen technology and the DS stylus and games such as Brain Training and Super Mario. Sony could never beat a true hero like Mario! I have both systems and I can see why everybody loved the DS so much. It’s super portable and light, the touch screen and stylus make for interesting and interactive play and it’s just really cool. The graphics are definitely not the best out there, yet as we’ve seen many times, people love the classics such as Sonic and Mario. No matter how advanced these consoles seem to get, we still go back to the old 2D games with hedgehogs and small Italian men running around collecting rings/ coins! It amazes me!

The retail price of the new Go will be $249 which works out at about £152. I don’t think that’s actually too bad!! Pretty good I say, seeing as I paid £100 for my DS Lite about 2 months ago and that was an old model. All round I’d have to say I’m rather impressed with Sony’s new edition to the portable family, just can’t wait for the release date so I can have a play! October 1st in North America and Europe and November 1st in Japan. Take a look at Engadget‘s hands on for all the juicy pictures!

Ah Steve! Stop stealing all my gadgets!!! :) :)

Steve the Gamer

One last thing, a little birdie told me today that THE SIMS 3 had been released on the App Store! OMG! Will be giving you a FULL review as soon as I purchase it and have time to have a good play!


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