Microsoft’s E3 2009 Keynote

It’s only the 1st June, and already the tech world is buzzing with excitement from it’s first keynote of many to come. Now, not being a huge Microsoft fan myself I didn’t actually have a clue that E3 was happening today, but from a quick research on Engadget I got the low down on all the gizmos and gadgets being revealed. Today was the premier for 10 new games to be introduced to the world, never before seen by human eyes! This, along with “entirely new ways to connect with your friends” made up the bulk of the keynote, all cast in a lovely shade of Xbox green.

Microsoft E3 Keynote

Don’t tell anyone I said this BUT…. I’m actually rather impressed!

Microsoft seemed to be pulling out all the stops with some major celebrity sightings including Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr! They were there to unveil the new “The Beatles Rock Band” music game during which players get to experience what it’s like to be a Beatle, to go behind the scenes at legendary gigs and behind closed doors at recording studios. I have to say, it sounds pretty cool, even Yoko Ono was there too! Crazy!

Microsoft Keynote 2009

The next celebrity to grace the Microsoft stage was Tony Hawk talking about a new skateboarding game called “Ride” which uses an actual skateboard (minus the wheels) that “responds like a real skateboard.” The Xbox is definitely going for a more Wii type sensor controller which I think is definitely a great addition, especially since they saved the best announcement till last!

Project Natal! Now this is REALLY cool. Basically, there’s NO controller. Yes that’s right none at all, not a sausage, just YOU and whatever gear you choose to play with be it a skateboard or a golf club (but be careful when swinging!) The cool thing is that it works with every Xbox already sold and every Xbox that will be sold, so at least all you boxers out there won’t have to upgrade! And guess who they brought out to help demonstrate? Steven Spielberg! Pretty cool.

Microsoft Steven

I’d have to say this keynote is up there with the great Apple keynotes and it’s actually made me like Microsoft ONLY SLIGHTLY more than before!! I’m looking forward to playing on Project Natal and having a go at being the controller. They’ve also integrated Facebook and Twitter into their systems which does look pretty cool but I can’t help but wonder, do we really need all these extra ways to access social networking sites?

So it was an eventful day for Microsoft and Xbox with some great new products lined up for the coming year although this time next week it will be Apple’s turn, Bring It ON!!!

The other games unveiled at the keynote were:

Modern Warfare 2

Final Fantasy Xlll

Shadow Complex


Crackdown 2

Left 4 Dead 2

Splinter Cell: Conviction

Forza Motorsport 3

Halo Reach

My favourite quote from Engadget‘s blog: “Kudo’s talking smack on Wii: “This isn’t the kind of game you end up on the sofa using some kind of preset waggle commands.” Ooooh! Burn!”


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